Welcome! Devotionalium presents daily verses from the holy scriptures of the three abrahamitic world religions:

  • the Tanakh (Old Testament),
  • the New Testament
  • and the Quran.

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Devotionalium for macOS

A modern daily bible app.


Read selected daily verses from both the New and Old Testament.

Activate original languages to read your Devotionalium in Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew.

Daily Readings let you see the verses of the Devotionalium in their contexts in the old and new Testament. Suited for your everyday bible reading.

The Dark mode lets you read with ease, even in low light. Also, it looks cool.

Choose between different bible versions and download more translations. Devotionalium has full support for Zefania XML.

Thanks to a performant search engine Devotionalium can be used as a complete bible application with full access to all books of the bible.

Available bible versions

What others are saying

Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt funktioniert das Programm und die Website schon sehr gut und ist auf jeden Fall ein Ausprobieren wert.

Heye Jensen, theologiestudierende.de

Thank Max Melzer – there’s Devotionalium <3

Maria Herrmann, Twitter

Devotionalium: Mehr als ein Losungs-Ersatz!

Die Eule, Twitter

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