Welcome! Devotionalium presents daily verses from the holy scriptures of the three abrahamitic world religions:

  • the Tanakh (Old Testament),
  • the New Testament
  • and the Quran.

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Privacy policy

Devotionalium.com is built and maintained by Max Melzer.

This page lists the way Devotionalium can collect information about you. If you have any questions, please contact hi@devotionalium.com.

Devotionalium for iOS

The official Devotionalium iOS App collects or shares information about you in the following ways:

Devotionalium API

To load daily verses and chapters, Devotionalium for iOS communicates with the devotionalium.com API. During this, the time of the request and the IP of your device is logged and may be used for statistical analysis. No information about you will ever be given to third parties.

Statistical Data

To enable the streaks and achievements functionalities, Devotionalium for iOS stores some statistics about your usage, such as the time and date you last opened the app, locally on your device. This data never leaves your device. The maintainers of Devotionalium or any third parties have no access to this data.


Daily images displayed in Devotionalium for iOS are loaded from unsplash.com servers. You can read the privacy policy of Unsplash here: unsplash.com/privacy



Devotionalium uses Cookies to store your preferences for devotionalium.com, such as your selected bible version. Devotionalium stores no personal information in cookies.

Matomo analytics

Devotionalium uses Matomo to provide statistics about the usage of Devotionalium. When you visit devotionalium.com, we store an anonymized version of your IP address. You can avoid this using the Do-not-Track setting of your browser. Statistical data is not shared with third parties.

User accounts

You can create a user account to store you progress and achievements across devices. Your chosen username is stored, as well as an encrypted version of your password. This data is only used to identify you on devotionalium.com

Email Newsletter

You can submit your email address to receive emails from Devotionalium. Your Email address is transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms. Devotionalium does not store your email address.

When you click a link in one of our emails from MailChilp, MailChimp will track your click to provide statistics about email interactions.