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What is Devotionalium?

Devotionalium is a free provider of daily bible verses.

Each day's Devotionalium consists of a brief reading from the New and Old Testament. Optionally, you can display the verses in the original Greek and Hebrew texts.

If you want to dive deeper into the Word, you can read the full bible chapters in a pleasant reading view.

You can read Devotionalium

There is also a native app for macOS and an official WordPress Plugin.

Where do the verses come from?

Each day's verses are selected from a large collection of inspiring bible verses by a random algorithm. They are displayed in freely available bible versions from the Zefania XML project.

Can I use Devotionalium in my own project?

Yes! Devotionalium is free to use and implement by third parties. There is a free API that developers can use to include Devotionalium in their own project.

Check the API documentation to see how Devotionalium fits into your project.

If you build anything cool with the API, please let me know.

What others are saying

Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt funktioniert das Programm und die Website schon sehr gut und ist auf jeden Fall ein Ausprobieren wert.

Heye Jensen,

Thank Max Melzer – there’s Devotionalium <3

Maria Herrmann, Twitter

Eine tolle WebApp für an den biblischen Sprachen Interessierte!

Simon Anderegg, Twitter

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